Month: August 2017

Enterprise Security Weekly #59 - Protect the Data

Michael and Matt join Paul to discuss security operations, endpoint protection, enterprise networking monitoring, and the latest enterprise security news on this episode of Enterprise Security Weekly!Full Show Notes: for all the latest episodes! Powered by WPeMatico

VMworld 2017: XtremIO X2the best clean-sheet AFA gets better.

This week marks the launch of the next generation of an incredible successful product – Dell EMC XtremIO. The best way to think of X2 as the 2nd generation of XtremIO – it takes the great foundation of the strengths of XtremIO and builds on them. The core architecture of keeping all the metadata in memory, all the time, and architecting that as a distributed system that is tightly coupled scale-out cluster (see Understanding Storage architectures).   That has been, and…

VMworld 2017: re-inventing Data Protection for VMware

This is cool. Every customer needs Data Protection for their VMware environment – local backup and recovery, and protection from disaster recovery. I’ve seen every chapter of this – from the birth of Site Recovery Manager in 2008 (to Jay Judkowitz – shout out to you buddy!, the birth of CBT in 2009, along with VDP and VADP, and the emergence of Metro Stretched Clusters in 2011. If I pull out VMworld sessions from years gone by, I can see engineering blood sweat and…

Hack Naked News #138 - August 29, 2017

Sparring government agencies, Microsoft patches a patch of a patch, Intel chips and backdoors, SMS authentication begone, and more. Jason Wood of Paladin Security discusses scaling back data demand on this episode of Hack Naked News!Full Show Notes: for all the latest episodes! Powered by WPeMatico