(for existing EITS Consultants)

At EITS, we provide knowledgeable IT professionals to meet and exceed the needs of our clients.
We’ve found by following the process, below, we have the highest rate of successful placements.

1. NEEDS ANALYSIS – A detailed job description or statement of work (SOW is  provided by the client in order for EITS to identify viable candidates. It should include, at minimum:

• Position overview – Requested employment status (W2, 1099, Corp-to-Corp)

• Required skills (highlight specific technologies as much as possible)

• Preferred skills – Pay rate ($/hour) while on contract (if applicable)

• Pay rate ($/hour) if converted to W2 (if applicable)

  Project duration (if applicable)

• Job location

• Client interview contact

• Preferred start date

• Desired number of applicants

Need help with this? We can assist with a Needs Analysis in order to facilitate the creation of this information to ensure a successful placement and the client’s expectations are being met.

2. SOURCE / PRESCREEN – EITS will utilize multiple means to identify individuals actively seeking employment / contract work, including a database maintained by EITS, job boards, partnerships, and job fairs.  When potential candidates are identified,  they are administered a prescreening interview.

3. RECRUITMENT – As viable candidates are identified through the sourcing process, the recruiter assigned to this account will conduct interviews to review candidates’ qualifications, geographical information, financial considerations, communication skills, and basic technical knowledge with candidates.

4. TECHNICAL INTERVIEW – Once the recruiter has identified the top candidates for the position, a copy of the job description/SOW will be provided to the most closely aligned in-house, expert level IT consultant for review. Upon review, the consultant will interview the candidates to provide an in-depth technical skills assessment.

5. STAFFING MANAGER / DIRECTOR CANDIDATE APPROVAL – After screening has been completed, the Staffing Manager and/or the Director of Staffing will review each candidate’s information, contact references, and perform criminal background and employment eligibility checks prior to submission to the client.

6. CLIENT SUBMISSION – Approved candidates will be submitted to the client for consideration.  The client will advise EITS which candidates they desire to interview as well as schedule availability.  EITS will then contact the candidate to schedule the interview.

7. BACKGROUND SCREENINGS – Once a client has selected a candidate and communicated their selection to EITS, we will perform any additional screenings defined and requested by the client as necessary. 

8. TALENT RESOURCE AGREEMENT –Upon successful completion of background screening,  the client will need to provide EITS with a written/electronic offer for the candidate, including:

• Requested employment status (W2, 1099, Corp-to-Corp)

• Pay rate ($/hour)

• Project duration (if applicable)

• Job location

• Preferred start date

• Additional job/employment details or conditions (if applicable).