Your pathway to sustainable security


Asset and App Inventory
We create a complete inventory of everything connected to your network. Our approach helps maintain full visibility so we can adjust to the ever-changing landscape of your business and it's threat vulnerabilities.
Assessment & Enablement
We assesses each customer’s current security controls, supporting processes, skills base and potential risks/areas for improvement. Utilizing assessors with skill sets key to the industry andspecifc compliance requirements, we gain clear insight as to where customers stand within the Cyber Security Maturity Model.
Configuration Security Standards​
The bad guys search for low hanging fruit like default settings, which they exploit and change. We depend on configuration management endpoints to default settings that introduce vulnerabilities, but more importantly, build process to identify and notify when these default settings change.
Vulnerability & Patch Management
EITS approaches vulnerability management by first ensuring we have an accurate asset inventory of all devices on the network and remediating the vulnerabilities IOT, SCADA, and ICS systems can introduce. EITS has the experts you will need to assess where your vulnerability management program is, identify/prioritize gaps, and tailor fit the right technology solutions.
Firewall Health Check
We perform a complete audit of your firewalls configurations and performance in a format that illuminates your weaknesses with a plan to improve your security with measurable results. Get the most out of your Next generations Firewalls.
Pen Testing
We audit four critical points in your security matrix to ensure you have the most robust solution: intelligence gathering, threat modeling, vulnerability analysis, and exploitation weakness. All prepared in a prioritized report as a foundation for your security strategy.
Incident Response
When an attack happens, the aftermath can be devastating. When coupled with our monitoring and automation, our ability to respond quickly can mitigate the potential damage. With 24/7 response availability, you can recover rapidly and get back to business.
Identity & Access Management
Enable the visibility to see and control what your users have access to using protections for Identity and Access Management from Microsoft. Active Directory on prem or in Azure serves as your source of truth while features such as Single Sign On, Multi-Factor Authentication, and Conditional Access provide ease of use and integrated security for all your local and SaaS applications.
From Network Access Control, to Privileged Access Management, down to our Data Loss Prevention solution (DLP), our ability to enable our SIEM/MDR with the right data is key. This applies if you are looking to build and maintain a Security Operations Center (SOC) in-house or migrate toward a managed provider.
Email/Web Browser Protection
EITS assists in configuring ATP policies to achieve strong email and web browser security. Office ATP is a set of policies within Exchange and SharePoint online that provide greater configuration and control over an organizations data than the default policies.
Data Protection & Recovery
Our assessment services support customers with automated industry leading tools that enable identification of sensitive data ensuring we can build and enable people with the right processes and technologies to protect it long term.
Network Segmentation & Inspection​
Our network segmentation services can help customers identify the resources holding critical data we need to protect, and the underlying systems that power and access them, ensuring traffic passes through security inspection investments.
SOAR: Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response
Implementing the automatic handling of security operations-related tasks without human intervention is crucial. Orchestration consists of connecting security solutions and integrating siloed security systems - the layer that streamlines processes and enables automation - and lastly, responding to threats proactively and timely while maintaining best practice procedures.
Application Security
Application security becomes a program that allows our security team to continuously check apps to identify new vulnerabilities as they arise, enables our operational team to remediate, and allows a final security checkup to ensure the finding was addressed. Our team can fill the gap for many customers, the hybrid cross skill sets needed between both development/coding and security.