Social Media is Life’s Open Book

It’s common for people to share their daily lives via social media – some more than others. But while doing so, do we stop to think about how these posts actually effect our reputation?


It’s a fact that roughly 80% of employers are taking a peek at social media to get a feel for a candidate’s overall character and personality prior to contacting them for interviews or job consideration. Were you considering this when you posted your Friday night photos, provocative photos, or even ranted in your posts? How about when posting your complaints about your bad day or your job? Posting distasteful jokes?


Let your “Open Book” serve you well! Below are things you want to consider doing while posting info:

  • Stay positive
  • Create a profile that accurately displays your personality
  • Be creative
  • Exhibit strong communication skills (grammar)
  • Be well rounded


Postings that can damage your reputation or reflect negatively may include:

  • Provocative or inappropriate photos or information
  • Content regarding drinking or drugs
  • Negative comments (even if you consider them to be true) regarding your past employers, friends, etc.
  • Poor communication skills
  • Discriminatory comments
  • Sharing information that should be considered confidential about others or your past/current employer

So, as you update your resume or consider applying for new employment, be sure to also do some social media “clean up” as well. Remember, it’s out there for the whole world to see!