New York City based Varonis Systems’ security software platform tracks, visualizes, analyzes, and protects unstructured data on premises and in the cloud. Touting a 90% reduction in incident response times for their over 7,000 customers, Varonis is the top-reviewed User & Entity Behavior Analytics solution on Gartner Peer Insights with more 5 star reviews than any other File Analysis or UEBA platform.

With clients in more than 150 countries worldwide, Varonis’ scalable architecture collects and analyzes data from enterprise data stores and perimeter devices to detect insider threats and cyberattacks.

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Example Risk Assessment from Varonis

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Varonis’ all-in-one Data Security Platform offers the following solutions:

Data Classification Engine

Sensitive data discovery


Data-centric threat detection and response


Data Access Governance

Data Transport Engine

Automatically transfer data cross-domain and cross-platform

Automation Engine

Automatically repair and maintain file system permissions

Data Classification Labels

Integrate with Microsoft Integration Protection to identify and protect sensitive data


Simplify information governance with an elevated search for compliance and e-discovery


Combined data access with network activity to detect threats with a high signal-to-noise ratio

Policy Pack

Expert-built classification rules to find and protect GDPR and CCPA data

Box Security Events

Monitors and protects box enterprise data at-a-glance